About Us

Awesome Chalk Bags started life when Fiona took up climbing at the age of 43. Living 300km from the nearest climbing gym, Fiona instead learnt to climb trad style on the amazing rock of Mount Arapiles/Djurid, and at the Grampians/Gariwerd. Fiona couldn't find a chalk bag that expressed her own style, so she made her own.

This was the inspiration for the opening of Awesome Chalk Bags as an Etsy store in 2013.

Over the next 8 years the store has grown and now has it's own website!

Extended lockdowns and a shoulder injury during 2020 meant Fiona had to graduate to bikepacking rather than climbing to keep active. Finding the available bike bags boring, Fiona again designed her own funky Bike bag to accompany her first bikepacking tour in the Otways. And so Awesome Bike Bags was born.

All the Awesome Chalk Bags and Awesome Bike Bags are handmade by Fiona in a small country town in Victoria, Australia.